Chris & Teresa – Cape May Engagement

This shoot will always be one I keep close to my heart. Travel was hard, I was exhausted, it was the same weekend as my now sister in law’s bachelorette party, simply put— I was spent. It was one of those moments when I never would have imagined the next thing on my agenda going well. WELL—– I was SO WRONG. I met these two at the Cape May Winery & Vineyard and it was like the clouds parting during a crazy storm. Energy back on point like nothing had happened!

Chris & Teresa were ready for adventure so we pretty much just went through every nook and cranny and got some great images. After exhausting each piece of the winery, we jetted over to the beach and caught one of the warmest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all the good luck you two! You can currently find their engagement session live on Philly in Love !

Fast forward to this past October and they were married in Philly ❤

Maryann & Anthony – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


baxter_115Maryann & Anthony are just as radiant as they look. I had moments when I wanted to cry and others when I was laughing out loud ( asking myself uh, I barely know these people?!?!). That is the most genuine way to describe who they are. We walked all around Rittenhouse Square and back to Broad Street once the sun went to bed.

WEB 10

“Ah, Mar, Anthony is gonna die when he sees you. I can’t even believe it.”


Maryann’s details were classic in all forms of the word. Sparkling, blue and just dainty enough to do the trick. While her mom couldn’t quite grasp how beautiful she looked, her sister and friends had her cracking up at the drop of the hat. You’d never know anyone was nervous.




Anthony, yes stoic as you may have imagined. He picked Maryann up every chance he got and didn’t take his eyes off of her. You  knew when you met Anthony’s parents: Yep, he’s a keeper. This all makes sense.

baxter 48


baxter 46


From champagne at 10 am to whiskey and Irish dancing at 10pm, this is ONE GOOD CREW!!!! Congratulations M&A ❤

Venues: Arts Ballroom , St. Mark’s, Sofitel Philadelphia