Laura & Jose – A Summer Wedding at Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia, PA

When two architects hire me as their Philadelphia wedding photographer you better believe it’s a good match! Designers with a touch of my home town? I’m in. Having values in common with your photographer is key to a solid event partnership. Architects and photographers often see the world in a very similar way. I place value on how I see moments happen and designers can see a moment before it even comes together! We can share the appreciation. The environment that naturally occurs around a wedding day will reflect who you are. This can be through friends, family and even the details you chose with your wedding planner to decorate your space.

wedding day bride & groom hug
Bride & Groom indulged in each other on their Summer wedding day.

Now let’s step back a beat and recount the day that was Laura and Jose’s wedding. Laura, Jose and I actually met for the first time in Los Angeles. It so happened that friends connected us while we were all still living out there. Right off the bat we got excited because 1) they had picked a Philadelphia wedding venue that I had already shot at ( Knowlton Mansion)  and 2) they wanted to eventually move to the east coast — immediate connections! Combine those connections with how much we laughed while drinking Boba tea in Koreatown and you get a solid match. Once we solidified all the wedding photographer contract details, we decided to do a little impromptu engagement session in Burbank, because why not?

Bride and Groom engagement shoot piggyback ride
A shot of the soon-to-be’s having a fun piggyback ride in sunny California.
Engagement shoot hugging by a tree
The couple’s energy for the engagement shoot was flourishing.

When it came to shooting their actual wedding day, a few things were consistently in the back of my mind. I knew Laura was an only child, so the relationship with her dad was going to be particularly important. All eyes on Laura, yet with the humble spirit that makes Laura the sweetheart that she is.  Father-daughter moments on a wedding day are truly in their own category.

Bride with parents on wedding day in Pennsylvania
Laura with her parents on her special day

Additionally, it is not often that Jose and his crew are in the same room. His family traveled from all over. Any chance we could get to document his friends and brothers would matter a great deal.

Groom getting ready, putting on bow tie
The bowtie has to be put on just right, of course.
Groom laughing with groomsmen on wedding day
Getting the laughs and giggles of the day.

Naturally, while we had a perfect wedding timeline with buffer room for everything, the rain did not stop on our account.  It would downpour then break, downpour then break. We just kept watching for the 5 minute breaks to grab group shots. Rain happens though guys, you can’t let it ruin your day! In fact, if I may remind you, a rainy day is what will bring out all the most amazing colors. Everything is richer; greens are more lush which adds contrast to everything around it. Even buildings! Embrace a rainy wedding day with open arms. Let it be your lucky charm!

Bride and groom sitting laughing during their wedding

That said, all were on board to think a bit more outside the box. We took the bridal party up to the top floor suite at Knowlton Mansion and messed with window light portraits. These two certainly turned on their game faces!

Bride and groom acting goofy on their wedding day

It’s crucial to keep in touch with your wedding venue coordinator and Philadelphia wedding photographer as you make a wedding day-of timeline. Wedding planners are god sends. If you cannot afford a wedding planner in the beginning of planning plus on the day of, or vice versa, (or just not at all) talk to your Philadelphia venue coordinator! Get them on board with a bi-monthly call that includes your Pennsylvania wedding photographer. Let them be a resource for you as they know the venue the best and will be your new best friend when that big day arrives.  If we hadn’t planned accordingly for buffer room to do bridal party photos in between the ceremony and reception we wouldn’t have caught the 15 minutes when the rain stopped!

Wedding day bride and groom intimate close

Not to mention, it put us all in a great mood having caught that. It made waiting for the entrances to the reception a well deserved breather. Perfect time to refuel with the first served cocktail apps! Speaking of the reception, Laura and Jose chose details to bring the most perfect pop of color to everything. Bright pink and orange roses, yellow accents and a constant primary green kept a lively vibe to the reception venue all evening. These two were smart and had their bridal parties wear lighter, more pastel ensembles. This certainly preserved the magic of the brighter colors.  Having such a primary color palette made room for more dramatic black and white portraits to complement their full wedding gallery. It was a summer wedding at a mansion in Philadelphia done quite elegantly.

Wedding place dinner setting

Wedding group all together at wedding venue in Pennsylvania
Fun jumping photo of the whole crew on the big day.
Bride and groom on reception on the dance floor
The reception with the bride and groom on the dance floor.

Did I mention the amazing first dance these two did? It was as if Dancing with the Stars sent someone to train them. Laura and Jose channeled all their inner rhythm and wowed us all. They literally ended sitting and hugging at the same time, right on beat. Movement is everything; I firmly believe this is one of our biggest drivers of emotion. I highly advise brides and grooms learn a new dance together. It makes for such a great first accomplishment together!

Hands of the bride and groom

Despite the weather and wet high heels sinking in to the mud, it was a smooth day with positive personalities all around. Laura and I still keep in touch and look for every chance for our paths to cross. Her and Jose have a genuine, thoughtful approach to any conversation. I guarantee Jose will have you laughing! It is particularly exciting that they live on the east coast now— I hope to see a lot more of them. I will always take their advice and time as friends to heart!

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Chris & Teresa – Cape May Engagement

This shoot will always be one I keep close to my heart. Travel was hard, I was exhausted, it was the same weekend as my now sister in law’s bachelorette party, simply put— I was spent. It was one of those moments when I never would have imagined the next thing on my agenda going well. WELL—– I was SO WRONG. I met these two at the Cape May Winery & Vineyard and it was like the clouds parting during a crazy storm. Energy back on point like nothing had happened!

Chris & Teresa were ready for adventure so we pretty much just went through every nook and cranny and got some great images. After exhausting each piece of the winery, we jetted over to the beach and caught one of the warmest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all the good luck you two! You can currently find their engagement session live on Philly in Love !

Fast forward to this past October and they were married in Philly ❤

Maryann & Anthony – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Close up of wedding flower bouquet with bride and groom in backgroundMaryann & Anthony are just as radiant as they look. I had moments when I wanted to cry and others when I was laughing out loud ( asking myself uh, I barely know these people?!?!). That is the most genuine way to describe who they are. We walked all around Rittenhouse Square and back to Broad Street once the sun went to bed.

WEB 10

Mom and bride whispering getting ready for the wedding cerimony
“Ah, Mar, Anthony is gonna die when he sees you. I can’t even believe it.”

Maryann’s details were classic in all forms of the word. Sparkling, blue and just dainty enough to do the trick. While her mom couldn’t quite grasp how beautiful she looked, her sister and friends had her cracking up at the drop of the hat. You’d never know anyone was nervous.

Bride and bridesmaid laughing while getting ready for wedding

Bride with wedding bouquet in car smiling


Anthony, yes stoic as you may have imagined. He picked Maryann up every chance he got and didn’t take his eyes off of her. You  knew when you met Anthony’s parents: Yep, he’s a keeper. This all makes sense.

Groom and soon to be father in law shaking hands before wedding

Bride and groom walking down the street with posse behind them

Bride holding flower bouquet in wedding venue in Pennsylvania

Bride walking up to the venue on wedding day with vail on and bouquet in hand.

From champagne at 10 am to whiskey and Irish dancing at 10pm, this is ONE GOOD CREW!!!! Congratulations M&A ❤

Venues: Arts Ballroom , St. Mark’s, Sofitel Philadelphia

Kelsey and Joe – Kennebunkport, Maine


Bride and groom kissing on wedding day
Kelsey & Joel on their special day.

Bride and groom walking holding hands

Bride and groom kissing on farm at sunset

A red barn, a green pasture, a white picket fence, huge trees, light falling naturally on a dirt path leading to the woods. Nothing is too bright; instead it is perfectly muted.  This natural aesthetic of a wide open farm in Maine will never cease to take my breath away. The last time I felt this was walking into the venue where Kelsey and Joe got married.

Bride and groom looking into each others eyes at sunset on wedding day

Since college, I always knew Kelsey to be casually gorgeous, down to earth, and intelligent. Fast forward to 2017, and she’s got GQ’s next cover model on her arm. Joe is kind, open minded, well spoken and simply hilarious. These two bring a wonderful energy to any room. Thanks to them, I got to experience this magical day!

Bride leaning on groom holding flower bouquet

Living on the west coast I rarely get a chance to truly experience the transformation of a farm for a wedding. Its vast open space leaves quite a lot of room for the imagination to run its course. To set yourself apart as a couple, a rare, well kept open space is perfect. The air is fresh, the greens are lush, and those running the space share their appreciation of the land with you. Not to mention in New England the history feels so real it adds an authenticity to each property.

Bride and groom walking down the isle, Just married
And the not is officially tied.

The kiss at the alter of the bride and groom on wedding day

You can make it your own, fit as big a family as you need, give people their own space to mingle, and ultimately experience multiple settings all in one afternoon. Your ceremony can be set in the woods to introduce the experience, then your guests can be transferred to your reception area on the opposite side of the property and totally change the scenery. Meanwhile, as a photographer, the light is just perfection! Wide open doorways here, forest canopy there, white picket fence here, mirrors in the barn for the bride.  Florals are picked up like gems against the pasture. Options are endless! Private nooks and crannies to steal your couples away to as the sun sets.

Brides accessories shoes and wedding invitations on a flat lay

Wedding shoes and earrings

Additionally, when you have an open space with so many textures, you essentially are given a blank canvas. That canvas is limitless when it comes to color, greenery, down to each hand selected prop. You can turn a blank white tent or wooden table into a pastel masterpiece. At least… that is what Kelsey and Joe did!


It was private enough where we could be alone for portraits near the ceremony site once the guests dispersed to cocktail hour, and then Kelsey and Joe still got to romantically walk over to the party and be received like royalty! They got to experience what felt like two parties at once. And do you even notice the mobile bathrooms? They’re disguised as a shed that blends into the landscape when you have an entire farm at your fingertips!


Close up of bride holding flower boquetBride getting ready to walk down the isle on her wedding day

The flower girls and bride sharing a moment laughing
Little laughs and giggles with the flower girls.

To echo how I started; real couples lead to real weddings in such real spaces.  Follow your natural intuition when booking a venue; one you can really craft into a space that speaks to you and your guests. Remember to find your blank canvas. This Maine venue certainly left me inspired, up until that last ounce of light.

Bride and group at sunset at farmBride whispering in grooms ear at wedding reception


newly weds holding eachother at the end of the day of wedding
The newly weds journey begins.